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Saturday, May 7, 2022

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Acts 9:31-42
Psalm 116:12-17
John 6:60-69

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you’re out!

“Many of His disciples broke away.” —John 6:66

The beginning of the persecution of the Church caused many of the disciples to “go out” into the world (see Acts 8:1). This intense persecution was an opportunity to spread the Gospel (Acts 8:4). Unfortunately, in the Gospel passage for today’s Mass, other disciples also went out; they “broke away [from Jesus] and would not remain in His company any longer” (Jn 6:66). The hard words of the Lord were “too much for them” (Mk 6:3).

St. Peter would not leave Jesus (Jn 6:68-69), but Peter also “went out,” going into the world, “making numerous journeys” (see Acts 9:31). He went on mission to Lydda and Joppa, healing a paralytic and raising a dead woman (Acts 9:34, 40). He went far out of his comfort zone, bringing the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to numerous non-Jewish believers (Acts 10:23ff).

When the Lord calls us to “go out” and spread the Good News, He is also calling us to go out of our comfort zone. His hard words shake our faith (Jn 6:61) and shake us out of our complacency. How is your current situation in life an opportunity to bring the Good News of Jesus to others? “Make the most of the present opportunity” (Eph 5:16). Go out and spread the Good News (Ps 19:5; Acts 5:20).

Prayer:  Father, shake me right into the arms of Jesus, Your Son. Use me to shake thousands into His arms and into the center of His Sacred Heart.

Promise:  “Turning to the dead body, [Peter] said: ‘Tabitha, stand up.’ She opened her eyes, then looked at Peter and sat up.” —Acts 9:40

Praise:  Inspired by the movement of the Holy Spirit found in Acts of the Apostles, Regina prays for new Pentecost after new Pentecost.

Reference:  (This teaching was submitted by a member of our editorial team.)

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