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Monday, November 15, 2021

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St. Albert the Great

1 Maccabees 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-63
Psalm 119:53, 61, 134, 150, 155, 158
Luke 18:35-43

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“without god in the world” (eph 2:12)

“They allied themselves with the Gentiles and sold themselves to wrongdoing.” —1 Maccabees 1:15

The secular culture promises unity, if you turn away from the Lord. But before long, the culture built without God shows its true colors. There is no freedom of religion and there is great intolerance. The Scriptures are banned and then burned (see 1 Mc 1:56). Those who persist in worshiping God are then put to death (1 Mc 1:57). The secular culture uses its power against those who worship God (see 1 Mc 1:58).

Putting the Lord out of our lives then becomes an earthly preview of hell, which is “the state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1033). Thus, separating from God leads to a life of hell on earth. The secular culture is not a merciful partner; it becomes a demanding tyrant, punishing anything that resembles worship of God. This was the experience of Maccabean Jews who allied themselves with the Greek culture; it has also been the continual experience of fallen-away Christians throughout history (see 2 Pt 2:20-22). You cannot “serve two masters,” God and the world (Mt 6:24). One or the other will have your complete allegiance.

Resist any temptation to turn away from God. In our baptismal promises, the Church leads us to reject Satan and all his empty promises. In six days, we will celebrate the solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. Repent of any allegiance given to the secular culture and give your allegiance to King Jesus alone.

Prayer:  Father, “redeem me from the oppression of men, that I may keep Your precepts” (Ps 119:134).

Promise:  “Receive your sight. Your faith has healed you.” —Lk 18:42

Praise:  St. Albert the Great had a thirst for learning. His interests went far beyond theology. He studied and wrote about astronomy, economics, natural science, politics, and numerous other topics.

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