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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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St. Angela Merici

Hebrews 10:11-18
Psalm 110:1-4
Mark 4:1-20

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miracle grow

“But those sown on good soil are the ones who listen to the word, take it to heart, and yield at thirty- and sixty- and a hundredfold.” —Mark 4:20

Jesus tells the crowds about the fruitfulness of good soil and the reasons why soil does not bear fruit. He also gives advice on how to turn unproductive soil into fruitful ground. Jesus can soften the hardest, rockiest ground, as He did with St. Paul. But we are God’s coworkers, and Jesus plans to use us to till the ground and care for it (see Gn 2:15). This includes the care of our own heart and soul.
There is a well-known gardening product called Miracle-Gro. It works. Jesus has His own miracle growth plan. It’s His Eucharistic Body and Blood. It’s frequent Mass, daily if possible. It’s His Church. It’s His Word, the Holy Scriptures. It’s daily prayer. It’s the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It’s Christian Community. All of these are spiritual Miracle-Gro. They all work to make the soil of our heart fruitful. For thirty years, I have been blessed to attend daily Mass and be involved in all of the above. I can gladly witness to the miracle growth power of the Lord’s plan to spread the Word of God.
These miracle growth items work. Are you anxious? Filled with cares and worries? Do you lack roots? Is your heart hard or rocky? God has given you miraculous help. All you need to do is seek His help and receive it. Will we love the Lord enough to humbly receive His help and bear His fruit?

Prayer:  Take root in me, Living Word. Prepare my heart for Your home. Open my lips, Lord, to speak forth Your truth. Reap a harvest of faith through me.

Promise:  “Their sins and their transgressions I will remember no more.” —Heb 10:17

Praise:  St. Angela Merici founded the Company of St. Ursula, a secular institute devoted to equipping and teaching young women to be Christian wives and mothers, teachers, and catechists.

Reference:  (This teaching was submitted by a member of our editorial team.)

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