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Friday, October 25, 2019

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Romans 7:18-25
Psalm 119:66, 68, 76-77, 93-94
Luke 12:54-59

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from certain defeat to total victory

"I see in my body's members another law at war with the law of my mind; this makes me the prisoner of the law of sin in my members." —Romans 7:23

There is a civil war going on inside us. We are compelled to do not the good we will to do but the evil we do not intend (Rm 7:19). We are even forced to wage war on our own souls when we satisfy our carnal desires (1 Pt 2:11). All human beings by nature cannot help but lose this interior war. We are thus prisoners of war (see Rm 7:23). We are in a wretched condition. Each of us cries out: "Who can free me from this body under the power of death?" (Rm 7:24) The answer to the human dilemma is: "All praise to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!" (Rm 7:25)

Jesus is our only Hope, and the only Hope we need. The name of Jesus is the only name by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12). Jesus is the only Way out of our wretchedness, defeat, and slavery (see Jn 14:6). Jesus is the only Way to victory over our fallen nature, Satan, and the world (see Jn 14:6).

We receive a new nature and life in Christ when we are baptized. To live "through Him, with Him, and in Him," we must live our Baptisms with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength (Mk 12:30). Therefore, let us renew again our baptismal promises. Reject Satan, all his works, and all his empty promises. Believe in God the Father through the Son and in the Holy Spirit. Live fully your Baptism into Jesus (Rm 6:3). Be free and victorious.

Prayer:  Father, may I "grasp and live the immense, extraordinary richness and responsibility" of my Baptism (Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People, Pope St. John Paul II, 61).

Promise:  "When you are going with your opponent to appear before a magistrate, try to settle with him on the way lest he turn you over to the judge." —Lk 12:58

Praise:  George was delivered from years of drug addiction for a new life in Christ.

Rescript:  †Most Reverend Joseph R. Binzer, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, March 11, 2019

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