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Sunday, October 7, 2012

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27th Sunday Ordinary Time

Genesis 2:18-24
Hebrews 2:9-11
Psalm 128:1-6
Mark 10:2-16

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"Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them. It is to just such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." —Mark 10:14

For almost forty years, we have been fighting to protect babies from being killed through abortion. At first, many of us thought we could stop abortion through education and legislation. In time, it became clear that there was more to it. To stop abortion required changing the hearts of people. This was a significant insight, but we found that there was even more to it. We must also fight the devil, for our battle is not against human beings, but against Satan himself (Eph 6:12).

Now we're starting to see that to fight abortion we must also oppose artificial contraception, child abuse, and divorce. Artificial contraception promotes a sinful and irresponsible use of sex. This results in a greater demand for abortion. Those who were abused as children in turn often abuse their own children, unless they let the Lord heal them. The ultimate child abuse is killing a child through abortion. Furthermore, divorce results in more divorces for those divorced and for their children and grandchildren. When divorced from a spouse, we can easily divorce or separate ourselves from other people, even from the most vulnerable people of all, children in the womb.

The longer we try, the more we see how humanly impossible it is for us to stop abortion. Nonetheless, we are confident that abortion will be stopped, "for nothing is impossible with God" (Lk 1:37).

Prayer:  Father, strip away my apathy so that I may I never divorce myself from even the most painful realities.

Promise:  "A man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body." —Gn 2:24

Praise:  Praise You, Jesus, King of kings! You have won the victory over sin and death, and You sit at the right hand of the Father (Rv 3:21). Alleluia!

Rescript:  †Most Reverend Joseph R. Binzer, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, May 10, 2012

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