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Sunday, March 6, 2005

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Fourth Sunday of Lent

1 Samuel 16:1, 6-7, 10-13
Ephesians 5:8-14
Psalm 23
John 9:1-41

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blind man's bluff?

" 'But we see,' you say, and your sin remains." —John 9:41

Jesus told some of the Pharisees that, if they continued to maintain that they could correctly see spiritually, then their sin would remain. This may also apply to us. We want our sins to be drowned in the depths of the sea (Mi 7:19) and removed from us as far as the east is from the west (Ps 103:12). However, if we insist that we can see well spiritually, we may die in our sins (see Jn 8:21, 24).

The Lord thinks of seeing differently than we do. "Man sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart" (1 Sm 16:7). Paul prayed: "May He enlighten your innermost vision" (Eph 1:18). The Lord looks from His heart into our hearts and sees what is inside. We likewise must have this interior vision, so we may see our sins; God's presence in ourselves, others, and especially as the Eucharist; and the truth of God's plan and promises. Without seeing into the heart of a spouse, how can we have a tender love for him or her? Without seeing into the hearts of our children, how can we be parents who lead them to conversion and holiness?

The man born blind was healed from his blindness by washing " 'in the pool of Siloam.' (This name means 'One who has been sent') " (Jn 9:7). Jesus is the One Who is sent by God the Father (see Jn 9:4). We see correctly spiritually by washing in Jesus, that is, by being baptized into Him (see Rm 6:3) and by living our Baptisms.

Be freed from sin. Admit to being spiritually blind. Prepare to renew your baptismal promises on the first day of Easter.

Prayer:  Father, open my eyes to see the wonders of Your word.

Promise:  "Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light." —Eph 5:14

Praise:  Praise Jesus, the Prophet (Jn 9:17), the Son of Man (Jn 9:35), the Son of God, and risen Light and Lord!

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Giles H. Pater, August 18 8, 2004

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, August 23, 2004