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Tuesday, December 1, 1998

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Isaiah 11:1-10
Psalm 72
Luke 10:21-24

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rejoicing in the christmas spirit

"The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him." —Isaiah 11:2

In the Scriptures, the Church gives many descriptions of life in Christ. Life in Christ is "a life of faith" (Gal 2:20), living in love (Jn 15:9-10), a life of purification and obedience (1 Pt 1:2), following in the steps of the suffering Christ (1 Pt 2:21), winning "a great contest of suffering" (Heb 10:32), surviving "the great period of trial" (Rv 7:14), etc.

We have just finished the year of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the Great Jubilee in the year 2000. Therefore, it is timely to describe our lives in Christ as "rejoicing in the Holy Spirit" (see Lk 10:21). Rejoicing in the Holy Spirit is:

  • complete joy (Jn 15:11),
  • rejoicing always (Phil 4:4),
  • found in suffering for Jesus (Col 1:24; 1 Pt 4:13), and
  • activated and increased by suffering for love of Jesus (Acts 5:41).

As we prepare for the Christmas season, most people talk about the Christmas spirit and sing about "joy to the world." Do you want the true Christmas Spirit of perfect, lasting, crucified joy? If so, ask the Lord to stir into flame the Holy Spirit, Whom you have received at Baptism and Confirmation (2 Tm 1:6-7). As a result, you may experience the best, most painful, and most joyful Christmas of your life. Come, Holy Christmas Spirit!

Prayer:  Come, Holy Spirit of Christmas and Calvary!

Promise:  "The earth shall be filled with knowledge of the Lord, as water covers the sea." —Is 11:9

Praise:  Laura, a doctor and mother of six, fills her Christmas form letter with praise reports of what God has done in the lives of each member of her family. She makes it clear what God in His mercy has done for her (see Mk 5:19).

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Robert J. Buschmiller, June 11, 1998

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, July 20, 1998