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Monday, April 8, 1996

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Easter Week

Acts 2:14, 22-32
Psalm 16
Matthew 28:8-15

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lay ministry to bishops

"Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice, and addressed them." —Acts 2:14

On the very first resurrection day, the risen Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and sent her to bring the good news of His resurrection to the apostles (Jn 20:17). He also came to Mary Magdalene when she was with another Mary (Mt 28:1). Once again, He sent them to the apostles (Mt 28:7, 10). Then Jesus appeared to Simon Peter (Lk 24:34) and to two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Lk 24:13ff). All of these took the good news to the apostles (see Lk 24:33).

After sending all these messengers to the apostles, the risen Jesus Himself finally came to them repeatedly and commissioned them to be witnesses of His resurrection (see Acts 1:22). Nevertheless, the apostles did not witness for the risen Christ but stayed locked up in the upper room (see Jn 20:26). Only after receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost did the apostles finally get the message of Jesus' resurrection and proclaim that message (see Acts 2:14).

Although the Lord is working in several ways to announce His resurrection, one of His main plans is to work through our bishops, who are the apostles' successors, and through our priests, who share in the bishops' ministry. Consequently, the Lord may want you to take a message to some of the bishops and priests. The Lord may be calling you to lead them to receive a new Pentecost. Pray for your bishop and priests. Then see if the Lord wants you to say or do anything else to empower them to serve as mighty witnesses for the risen Christ.

Prayer:  Jesus, may Your disciples announce Your resurrection to the bishops who will announce it to the Church and the world.

Promise:  "You will not abandon my soul to the nether world, nor will You suffer Your faithful one to undergo corruption." —Ps 16:10

Praise:  Alleluia! Jesus lives forever! Alleluia!

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Edward J. Gratsch, October 10, 1995

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, October 13, 1995