GBC Planning your College Program

Planning your College Program


  • GBC is divided into Fall, Winter and Summer sessions.

    The Fall semester goes from September through November. The Winter semester goes from January through April. The Summer programs take place in the months of June and July.

  • The GBC curriculum is composed of courses and seminars.

    Home study Courses are normally twelve (12) sessions in length.
    Home study Seminars are usually seven (7) sessions in length.
    Retreats and Seminars at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Retreat Center and Bible Institute vary in number of sessions.

    To graduate, students usually need a combination of twenty to twenty-four) 20-24 course credit hours.  This can vary with the student’s background.  Incarcerated students, non-US residents and student’s with extenuating or special circumstances need 28 course credit hours for graduation. Course credit hours are calculated upon the number of course sessions.  For example a twelve (12) session course is 1.2 credit hours and a seven (7) session seminar is 0.7 credit hours.

    The college program can take from two to seven years to complete the required credit hours for graduation
  • A director will contact a new student to determine when the student will attend orientation so they can plan a full college program.

    A director tailors the college program to individual needs by considering the goals of GBC and the student's background.

    A director will suggest courses to help fill in the gaps in the student's understanding of divine revelation. For example, if a student does not know much about the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible—he would usually not take five courses on these five books, but possibly two courses.

    The director and student determine the combination of home study and class participation.

    This combination of home study and class participation is called a college package. For examples of college program packages, see the next page.

  • A six month orientation may be applied to those whose capacity to commit to the appropriate number of study hours is questionable.