GBC Admission and Registration

Admission and Registration

Why Would I Enroll Or Not Enroll In GBC?

You may be called by God to enroll in order to know your faith in a more integrated, ordered, and complete way.

Because 80% of our college program can be done by home study, you can enroll in GBC no matter where you live. However, you must be free to come at least once a year to Cincinnati or to a regional GBC seminar. We require this because Christian education and discipleship should be done in the context of Christian community.

Additionally, all students are expected to attend an orientation in the Cincinnati area before or during their first semester. Possible exceptions are made for foreign students, prisoners, or persons with extenuating family or financial situations.

You would not enroll in GBC to prepare and position yourself for a good job. GBC is intentionally non-accredited so that it can accomplish its mission of giving advanced Bible teaching to average lay persons, irrespective of their finances. Accreditation requires a standardization and expense that would create obstacles to reaching average lay persons.

You would also not enroll in GBC if the Lord is not calling you at this time to devote several years to knowing the Bible. GBC is a two-year college. However, since most GBC students are part-time, it usually takes them from three to six years to complete their college programs.

If you would like more information or would like to register for GBC, please use our Contact GBC form, or write to:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Bible College
Presentation Ministries
P.O. Box 96
Madison, OH 44057

Phone: (440) 428-1016

We will send you a registration form and background check. After you complete and return these, a director will meet you at our orientation retreat to plan your courses for the next semester and plan your long-term college program.