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Week 7 — Repentance

"Repent and believe in the gospel." —Mark 1:15 (our translation)

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"Thus it was that John the Baptizer appeared in the desert, proclaiming a baptism of repentance which led to the forgiveness of sins." —Mk 1:4


Savior: Do you remember when John the Baptizer talked about a baptism of repentance and of fire? That's what you need. I know you're already baptized. I am not referring to that but to a profound, life-changing experience of repentance. Will you accept this kind of baptism?
Sinner: Jesus, why do You always have to be talking about repentance? Will You just leave me alone? (Lk 4:34)


Confess your sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Ask the Spirit to point out the difference between this Confession and the Confession of Monday Week 1.


"Then Jesus looked at him with love and told him, 'There is one thing more you must do...' " —Mk 10:21


Savior: I love you much more than you love yourself. That's why I won't leave you alone and why you don't understand Me. Believe in My love for you.
Sinner: Jesus, I'm sorry for brushing You off. I'm glad I went to Confession. I seem to have more sins than ever before. I'm more aware of my sins. I'm recovering from spiritual blindness (2 Cor 4:4).


Confess and invite someone to go to Confession. Tell him/her of your experience.


"A heart contrite and humbled, O God, You will not spurn." —Ps 51:19


Savior: You've seen the picture of My Sacred Heart. I decided to reveal this to melt the most cold and hardened heart. I alone know the human heart (Jer 17:10). You do not know even your own heart. Accept My gift of a new heart (Ez 36:26).
Sinner: Jesus, occasionally I would do or say something very evil. I always said that this wasn't "the real me." Now I believe that was "the real me." Forgive me and cleanse me.


Confess your love for Jesus. Look at a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for sixty seconds.


"It pleased God to make absolute fullness reside in Him and, by means of Him, to reconcile everything in His person, both on earth and in the heavens, making peace through the blood of His cross." —Col 1:19-20


Savior: When you receive Communion, you receive My blood. Confess and apply the blood to your sins. Otherwise, sin will be the center of your life instead of Me.
Sinner: I rejoice in being clean after feeling "dirty" much of my life. Praise Your precious blood!


Confess that Jesus is Lord. Defeat the devil by the Lamb's blood and your word of testimony (Rv 12:11).


" 'What are we to do, brothers?' Peter answered: 'You must reform and be baptized, each one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, that your sins may be forgiven; then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.' " —Acts 2:37-38


Savior: Child, when you repent, you topple a sand castle. Now you can re-form your life according to My will.
Sinner: Jesus, my life is deteriorating through illusion and desire (Eph 4:22). I need to tear it all down, start over, and put it together right.


Confess that you need God to show you a realistic picture of your life.


"As your hearts have been disposed to stray from God, turn now ten times the more to seek Him; for He Who has brought disaster upon you will, in saving you, bring you back enduring joy." —Bar 4:28-29


Savior: It's Friday, the day I died to take away all sins. Repent! I say it again: Repent! If you refuse to repent, My death and blood I shed for you are in vain! Repent!
Sinner: Jesus, I've been meaning to repent. You know how sometimes I delay. I guess I could repent right now, but it would be a big change.


Confess your need to repent.


"I tell you, there will likewise be more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need to repent." —Lk 15:7


Savior: Child, I own everything; I made everything. But you have the power to make Me happy. All heaven is hushed, awaiting your repentance.
Sinner: Jesus, lay low the mountains, fill in the valleys, straighten the crooked, and smooth the rugged (Lk 3:5). I turn 180 degrees. I change my mind. I repent.


Confess your sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Have you ever gone to Confession twice in one week? What a privilege! All heaven rejoices.

Excerpts from Scripture are taken from The New American Bible, copyright 1970 by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Washington, D.C., and are used by permission of the copyright holder. All rights reserved.

Nihil obstat: Reverend Robert J. Buschmiller, July 13, 1995.

Imprimatur: †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati, July 25, 1995.

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