Prayer Request

Prayer For Brothers to Reconcile I humbly request prayer for my son's; Chris and Cody. Please pray for GOD to intervene and minister Cody for forgiveness, and Chris for understanding. brothers, young adult men. They are not speaking. My son, Cody, and his wife, Katie, will become first time parents in a few weeks, (our first Grandchild)! Chris is currently concerned about the "No contact" stance Cody and Katie have taken.I believe, Satan hates, the family... as Pope Francis said, "The family is GOD'S greatest reflection of Love". Our family needs GOD'S help. Thank you for your powerful prayer support.
How God is answering my prayer:

Update of Prayer Request for Brothers to Reconcile; Movement forward towards reconciliation ...Praise GOD! Cody said he will allow Chris, his brother, to see his niece, Piper, to be born in a couple of weeks. Please pray Cody will receive knowledge and understanding of the "dis-order" in our family history. May our Lord help Cody understand the implications of his Father's favoritism of Cody and his Father's criticism and non- affirmation of his brother Chris, also the the pain his Father's treatment caused his brother Chris. Please Pray for Cody to feel his emotions and not stuff or deny the reality of truth. For protection, spiritual growth of this new young Father to be, Cody. And prayer for his wife, Katie. May I be a Spiritual Rock and Blessing in their lives.

Kristie Work
Lake Mary, FL
May 11, 2021