Prayer Request

Please pray for my mom, Rose Marie Bruno, for complete physical healing in this lifetime. That all her cancer be gone from her body soon and never returned so she can live a long healthy fruitful life on this Earth devoted and glorifying to God. We ask for complete successful treatments and true great news from scans with no negative side effects or symptoms from treatments. Thank you so much for your prayers.
How God is answering my prayer:

O Holy Child Jesus, Lord of life and death, I bow before You, unworthy and miserable sinner that I am, to implore You to cure my mom; Rose Marie who is so dear to my heart. She is in great suffering, wracked with pain, and can find no relief except in You, in whom she puts her hope. Relieve Rose Marie in her agony, O heavenly Doctor, free her from her suffering and give Rose Marie perfect health, if that be Your Divine Will and for the good of her soul. Amen. "Our Father...", "Hail Mary...", "Glory Be to the Father..."

Kristina Bruno
Birmingham, AL
United States
July 30, 2020