Prayer Request

Urgent came in 4am Kathi-Elizabeth, asking for prayers of the people on the prayer line, admitted to hospital in MA, doesn't think it is heart attack, found fluid in lungs, in congestive heart failure, was in great pain in throat, chest, jaw, pain down left arm, pain caused vomiting, morphine relieves pain, she knows God is in charge of her life and she asks to be blanketed in prayer, doctors looking for source problems, this is unexpected turn, she asks to be strong so God can be glorified, she has endured many health issues in the past and has helped so many find healing, may God bless her in His Mercy, Padre Pio please care for your daughter now, and heal her!
How God is answering my prayer:

Kathi-Elizabeth, almost died, out of danger, successful (2) stent surgery, 3rd stent not needed as blood flow greatly improved last few days with treatment, she did not suffer from heart attack or seizuring during procedure today, also no need for ICU, in recovery then into room, monitoring pulmonary, will consider next phase for stent for kidney/artery in coming weeks, thank you for your prayers! I still recovering from surgery.

Providence, Rhode Island
United States
May 31, 2013