Prayer Request

Please pray for my sister who is at the hospital with sepsis. She needs prayers for spiritual health, physical health and financial health. She owes doctors and hospitals so much that she is afraid to go to the doctor. Her and her son keep on being attacked. As a 15 year old , 8 years ago, he had an accident that left him in a coma for over a month, and in the hospital for over 4 months; as a result of this he is still suffering. She had cancer a few years ago; they both suffer .depression. I know that God healed them before and can heal them today in every aspects of their lives. Please, help me pray for them. Thank you
How God is answering my prayer:

Thank you for your praying for my sister. She spent some time at the hospital, and they figured out what was wrong with her; we could see the hand of God every step of the way. She is home recuperating and will soon go back to work. I thank our Father in heaven for her healing, and for everything else that He will accomplish in her life! Our Almighty God is good. Thank you for your prayers Yolette

July 9, 2020