Prayer Request

Please pray for my daughter, Sara, who has recently moved in with a man who is separated from his wife. She used to date this man when she was a teenager, during which time he emotionally and verbally and physically abused her. She claims he has changed but I see no evidence of it. He is extremely controlling and manipulative, and he is turning her against her family and her faith. She is in grave danger on many levels - especially spiritually. Please pray for the swift end to this relationship, for her safe return home to us, and for her return to her Lord. Please pray for the protection of her children. And please pray for me, as I struggle with panic and fear and depression over this situation. Amen.
How God is answering my prayer:

God has relieved some of my anxiety and depression, so I do thank Him for his faithfulness. Sara is now engaged to this man, and is planning to elope at some point in time. I am very, very concerned - and continue to pray for the end of this relationship and for her return home to us and to the Lord. Amen.

United States
May 30, 2013