Prayer Request

I am staying in a rented House and rent is increased and current landlord is not a honest person now i am in a search of new rented House. I have asked God to help me and i cannot understand his wish. I have one option it’s little far from work place and it’s small. i don’t know whether I should go there or not. Sometimes I feel to go and sometimes not to go. Please pray for me so God will help me to make a decision Please Please Please God Help me. I am depressed
How God is answering my prayer:

I am still waiting for his answer to make a decision. i am totally confused. i am praying everyday and asking God to show me someway his wish. I have anxiety disorder and that makes my probelm worse where i cannot take a decision and i suffer all the time. it effecting my family life and work i hope God will answer my prayer very soon and help me to come out from this probelm

Vincent Fernandes
May 29, 2013